County Confederate Pension Applications

on file at the Texas State Library and Archives, Austin, Texas 

Contributed by Vera Mendoza.


The index to the confederate pension applications at lists the claimant name, application number, county, husband's name for widow pension applications,and the husband's application number if for a widow pension.

Links go to transcriptions of the applications. E-mail Rox Ann Johnson if you would like to contribute a confederate pension application.

                                                                                                                                                                           217 Records were found for Fayette County

App.Claimant Name                      No.    Husband                        Husband's App. No.
Allen, J. R.                           rej      
Allen, Lucy F.                         40814  Allen, James Russell 
Aschen, Henry F.                       19477   
Atkinson, Elisha Anderson              01468   
Baker, Albert William                  01472   
Baker, E. R. (Mrs)                     21637  Baker, Joseph Harrison               17654
Baker, Joseph Echols                   11444   
Baker, Joseph Harrison                 17654   
Baker, Patti                           17658  Baker, Joseph Echols                 11444
Bardin, D. C.                          27040   
Barnhill, John Bayliss                 01465   
Baty, Elizabeth Ann                    34159  Baty, John Wesley *                  31844
Bauer, Carl E.                         01462   
Bauer, Louise                          43359  Bauer, John *                        13819
Baumbach, George                       rej     
Baumbach, John Friederich              20906   
Baumbach, Kate                         34897  Baumbach, John Friederich            20906
Beckham, W. A.                         20436   
Berry, Ellen                           50203  Berry, William Thomas 
Blackwell, Jesse                       36108   
Bludworth, Benjamin P. (Mrs)           rej    Bludworth, Benjamin Portinent 
Boecler, Paul                          01456   
Bollmeyer, Elizabeth                   01463  Bollmeyer, William 
Bradshaw, Sarah E.                     47833  Bradshaw, Amzi Thornton 
Brandstatter, Alexander                01467  
Brandstatter, Alexander (Mrs)          18808  Brandstatter, Alexander              01467
Brandt, H. A.                          rej     
Bremer, Henry                          rej     
Brewer, Jacob                          09697   
Bruns, Lisette                         rej    Bruns, John Alberto 
Burke, William                         31846   
Burns, Charles W.                      46175   
Burns, Mary E.                         17657  Burns, James Thomas 
Burns, William Denis                   15152   
Byerly, Stephen John                   rej     
Cadwell, M. E. (Mrs)                   15149  Cadwell, James Alexander 
Cole, Elizabeth A.                     36469  Cole, George Washington 
Cook, E. W.                            32827   
Cook, Elias Wilburn                    35057   
Cook, Julia Ann                        41990  Cook, Elias Wilburn                  35057
Cook, Martha Ann                       07814  Cook, John C. 
Crockett, John Richardson              09692   
Crum, Lucy                             29576  Crum, Winfield Scott 
Daniels, Williamson                    07473   
Dattner, August                        15150   
Davidson, Henry Washington             05278   
Davidson, Jane R.                      01461  Davidson, Wiliiam M. 
Doyle, William C.                      08298   
Edwards, Thomas A.                     15151   
Eidelbach, Andrew                      rej    
Faires, Eliza M.                       49046  Faires, Richard Owen 
Fendley, George Walter                 11443   
Fendley, M. A. (Mrs)                   21304  Fendley, George Walter               11443
Fitz, Maria L.                         01474  Fitz, James A. 
Franze, Christina                      10935  Franze, Charles 
Frazer, Maud                           rej    Frazer, William Christopher 
Frierson, Cynthia C.                   rej    Frierson, George Parker 
Frierson, John                         43287   
Fritsch, Helena                        43518  Fritsch, Joe 
Froelich, G.                           13803   
Geordel, Wilhelmina                    20221a Geordel, Samuel 
Goodlett, Martha A.                    22225  Goodlett, John William 
Goodwin, Addie                         30872  Goodwin, John R.                     17653
Goodwin, John R.                       17653   
Hackworth, Eliza Jane                  08880  Hackworth, William Wilburn 
Hagemann, Max                          08301   
Haidusek, August                       rej     
Hall, Claudius B.                      01470   
Hamlett, R. W.                         49782   
Harrison, R. R.                        23573   
Hart, Levi                             07209   
Haynie, Maria Louise                   07472  Haynie, Spencer F.                   01478
Haynie, Spencer F.                     01478   
Henderson, W. J.                       15147   
Hill, Albert G.                        07471  
Hodges, Tennie Wilson                  40744  Hodges, Robert J. 
Hoelscher, William                     11906   
Hoerman, Mary                          46690  Hoerman, Fritz 
Holloway, L. B. (Mrs)                  47491  Holloway, John Benjamin 
Holmes, John                           01469   
Homuth, Anna K.                        46977  Homuth, Rudolph Samuel 
Hopper, A. (Mrs)                       15146  Hopper, William Hudson 
Hopson, Briggs William                 07820   
Hopson, M. E. (Mrs)                    19560  Hopson, Briggs William               07820
Horecka, Johana                        31943  Horecka, Joseph 
Hruska, Catherine                      28949  Hruska, John 
Hutcheson, Martha                      01464  Hutcheson, James E. 
Hutchison, Ben F.                      20438   
Janszen, Anna                          rej    Janszen, Friedrich August 
Joh, Konrad                            09696   
Johnson, Mary A. J.                    01455  Johnson, Frank M. 
Johnson, Robert A.                     33012   
Jones, E. J. Hatch (Mrs)               rej    Hatch, Edward Williams 
Jones, J. C.                           24258   
Jones, Wylie                           20221   
Karnes, Elizabeth                      10937  Karnes, William P.                   01458
Karnes, George Washington              01457   
Karnes, Matilda                        26351  Karnes, George Washington            01457
Karnes, William P.                     01458   
Keller, Alice C.                       43407  Keller, Moses Francis
Klobedans, J.                          15143   
Kneip, Clara                           46708  Kneip, Henry 
Kneip, Ferdinand                       46607   
Knolle, Ernestine                      50013  Knolle, Emil M. *                    47687
Koniakowsky, Bertha                    15144  Koniakowsky, Alois Maxmilian 
Kuhn, Cary (Mrs)                       17656  Kuhn, Vincenz (vinzens)              01477
Kuhn, Vinzens (Vincenz)                01477   
Lackey, Joseph                         07815   
Lackey, Ruth                           31332  Lackey, Joseph                       07815
Langston, M. E. (Mrs)                  13805  Langston, William Andrew Jackson     07474
Langston, William Andrew Jackson       07474   
Leazer, John Alexander                 38902   
Levey, Helena                          42030  Levey, Michael C. 
Loehr, Rosalia                         01453  Loehr, Heinrich 
Machalek, Paul                         08300   
Magnus, Elizabeth                      37242  Magnus, John A.                      31500
Magnus, John A.                        31500   
Malek, Frank                           01480   
Mathews, R. S.                         11908   
Mathias, Andreas                       rej     
McClure, Almira                        05277  McClure, F. M. 
McIlwain, Thomas S.                    05274   
Meitzen, Max                           30927   
Menefee, William                       rej     
Meneley, Celia                         24289  Meneley, Joseph Chalmers
Mensing, Clara                         49669  Mensing, Fredrich August 
Merkin, Henry                          rej     
Miller, Lenora B.                      49794  Miller, Napoleon Bonaparte 
Miller, Savanah                        42580  Miller, Peter 
Moellenberndt, Fredericka              36180  Moellenberndt, Henry                 18950
Moellenberndt, Henry                   18950   
Monroe, James William (Mrs)            31564  Monroe, James William *              01576
Morgan, Eliza                          rej    Morgan, Levi 
Naumann, Minna                         01473  Naumann, August 
Nevins, Frances Elizabeth              37631  Nevins, William Henry                31520
Nevins, William Henry                  31520   
Nichols, Emma J.                       15145  Nichols, Walter Jackson 
Null, David                            09694   
Parker, J. G.                          36140   
Parr, Mary M.                          39325  Parr, Thomas T. 
Patterson, Margaret A.                 17655  Patterson, John Alexander 
Peeler, Sarah Jane                     21495  Peeler, William                      20405
Peeler, William                        20405   
Pennington, G. B.                      36143   
Rabb, Catherine                        15141  Rabb, John Wesley 
Ray, Jabez Marshall                    07208   
Ray, Loduskey                          36248  Ray, Bennett 
Ray, Mary Jane                         21313  Ray, Jabez Marshall                  07208
Reeves, Andrew Washington              38404   
Reeves, Andrew Washington (Mrs)        rej    Reeves, Andrew Washington            38404
Rehmann, Christian                     08299   
Rehmann, Emma                          20358  Rehmann, Christian                   08299
Reichers, Carl R.                      10629   
Rhodes, Mary E.                        34737  Rhodes, George Miles 
Richter, Wilhelmina                    36181  Richter, August 
Rives, N. C.                           12359   
Rogers, Mattie Ann                     24881  Rogers, John Turner 
Rollins, Susan A.                      01475  Rollins, Cyrus A. 
Rutherford, W. B.                      22044   
Sauer, Marie                           44048  Sauer, Fritz 
Scallorn, Fannie                       32633  Scallorn, Newton 
Schaefer, Charles H.                   36182   
Schaefer, Louisa                       36765  Schaefer, Charles H.                 36182
Scharnberg, Anna                       31286  Scharnberg, Friedrick John 
Schiege, Carl, Sr.                     05275   
Scholz, Wilhelm                        09460   
Schrader, John                         13804   
Schrader, Thresia                      39785  Schrader, Anton C. 
Schroeder, Miner                       rej    Schroeder, G. H. 
Schultz, Anton                         15142   
Schultz, Anton (Mrs)                   28143  Schultz, Anton                       15142
Schulze, Lottschen                     20359  Schulze, Herman Edward 
Schwartz, William                      10936   
Seeberger, H.                          11905   
Simpson, William Franklin              09214  
Slovacek, Paul                         01476   
Smith, Martha Phillips                 rej    Smith, Henry Edwin 
Snell, Matilda A.                      41120  Snell, Eliza Ira Daniel 
Snow, Evelina B.                       09014  Snow, William Henry 
Sohns, Sophie Zwernemann               37559  Zwernemann, Martin 
Speckels, Gerhard Eilert (Mrs)         rej    Speckels, Gerhard Eilert 
Spitler, Sarah J.                      21454  Spitler, William Marion 
Staertz, Joseph (Startz)               15148   
Stahmer, Ina                           49234  Stahmer, Rudolph 
Startz, Anna Joseph                    35669  Startz, Joseph [Staertz]             15148
Stoffers, Christian*                   28587  
Streithoff, Selma                      46720  Streithoff, Fred 
Struve, Louis                          20406   
Stuart, Fannie                         45843  Stuart, Phillip Eutah 
Sullivan, James Thomas                 11907   
Taylor, M. C. (Mrs)                    32882  Taylor, William Henry 
Thomas, Mollie M.                      49708  Thomas, William Henry 
Thornton, W. C.                        32528   
Thuemler, Dora                         46896  Thuemler, Johan Friedrich Anton 
Timaeus, E. (Mrs)                      21032  Timaeus, Theodore                    01466
Timaeus, Theodore                      01466   
Trenk, August                          01471   
Turbeville, Addie                      43315  Turbeville, Wiley Cameron 
Turner, Fred William                   20043   
Tuttle, L. (Mrs)                       19797  Tuttle, George W. 
Tutwiller, H. A.                       27262  
Ullrich, Emilie                        09695  Ullrich, Friedrich August            01460
Ullrich, Friedrich August              01460   
Verdery, A. F.                         28126   
Von Rosenberg, C. Walter (Mrs)         47683  Von Rosenberg, C. Walter 
Votaw, Landon Jackson (Mrs)            rej    Votaw, Landon Jackson 
Walker, J. Z.                          09808   
Walker, Mattie A.                      06548  Walker, James 
Warren, Frank                          07816   
Warren, Martha                         35193  Warren, Frank                        07816
Webb, George M. Troup                  rej     
Wilkerson, A. P. (Mrs)                 10804  Wilkerson, Thomas                    01459
Wilkerson, Thomas                      01459   
Wilkes, Albert Henderson               01479   
Windmeyer, August (Wintmeyer)          28124   
Winter, Henrietta                      19796  Winter, Charles 
Wolters, Margaretha                    51686  Wolters, Theodore Henry 
Zimmermann, R. J.                      01454  
* Transcriber/compiler Notes:
Baty, John Wesley      listed in Bosque County, TX.
Bauer, John            listed in Gonzales County, TX.
Knolle, Emil M.        listed in Austin County, TX.
Monroe, James William  listed in Gonzales County, TX.
Stoffers, C.           listed in Young County, TX.	[contributed by Mary V. Hoffman Sanders]

Schulenburg Sticker, 24 March 1911


My husband, Carl Winter, was a soldier in the Confederate Army, Green’s Brigade. He is long since dead. Judge Willrich obtained a pension for me as the surviving widow of Carl Winter, deceased. I wrote to Judge Willrich asking him what his charges were for his trouble; he replied that he charged me nothing and that he was glad to help Confederate soldiers and their widows.

I thank Judge Willrich and pray that he may live long, knowing that he will continue to do kind and generous deeds.

Contributed by Matt Cross