Fayette County Interactive Cemeteries Map

This map shows the locations of all known cemeteries in the county, marked as colored clusters. When you click on a cluster, green grave icons will appear at the location of each cemetery in that vicinity. Then, if you click on the green grave icons, the cemetery name with a link to more information about that cemetery appears. In many cases there is a full listing of burials and one or more photographs.

Alternatively, used the pull down menu to the right, to choose the cemetery you wish to see.

Try the "Satellite" setting to view both nearby roads and the local topography. Click the arrows to move around and drag the scale button upward to zoom in.

It may take a moment for the map to appear if your connection speed is slow.

Download gpx file for navigation devices.

Many thanks to Kathy Carter, Dawn Moore, and Gregory Walker for their expertise in developing this map.
Please contact Rox Ann Johnson with any questions.