1864 Ebeling Letter

This is a letter that Carole Boyd's great-great-grandmother, Anna Seydler Ebeling, wrote to her husband, Heinrich, in 1864. Heinrich was listed in the 1870 census as "merchant," and the trip he was on may have been one of the many trips he made in relation to his trade. He started a store in High Hill in 1847, and sold it to the Seydler family in 1856. Heinrich Ebeling was also Postmaster in High Hill. The original letter was written in German.
The "brother Friedrich" and "Malchen" mentioned are E. Friedrich Seydler, Anna's brother, and his wife, Amalia Richter Seydler (Malchen being the diminutive of Amalia).
Note that the letter was written during the Civil War and describes a local incident where men came into a home looking for the man of the house and another reference to her brother having to join a company of soldiers.

Anna Seydler Ebeling
[envelope outside:] No. 1

Mr. H. Ebeling

High Hill, Dec. 9, 1864

My dear Heinrich,

Yesterday evening brother Friedrich brought me from La Grange the letter which I have so eagerly awaited, — a great joy for me and the children to finally hear something from you, dear husband, for you can imagine that I was worried about you, especially since we here, during your trip, had terrible weather for a few days; the big pond is almost completely full of sand because of the downpours of rain. Thank goodness you are well; the other problems will work out. The children and I are well and happy so far, and we always talk about you, when you will come back. I hope that you will be successful with your new business and that you will do well with it.

Friedrich again has a "detail" [evidently a draft notice]; he was already firmly resolved to leave, but is again going to stay, nobody knows for how long. All those who have a "detail", have to join a company. Friedrich has joined von Wellhausen's. Kuigler also has to go, but I think you will see him soon.

There was a sad event here, in the family of Elsner the mason; the husband works at the textile factory in Bastrop, and was away when five men [evidently soldiers] entered his house, looking for him; the wife, alone and in advanced pregnancy, showed the papers and forbade them to enter the house and tear up everything, which had already happened once before. But they still came into the house, and the woman, to defend herself, grabs the rifle, but they take it away from her, drag her by the hair out into the yard, tie her by the throat so that she can hardly breathe. She came again the next day and could hardly speak because of the abuse, and filed charges.

[page 2:]

Two weeks ago, Mr. Taylor sent a bale of cotton for the price that you accepted for the previous one; it is lying around at the gin and will have to be re-worked, since it is a very damaged bale, but I thought, "better something than nothing". When the bale is sold, I will send half of the money to M. Jäger as soon as I have an opportunity.

Kellersberg is well again; he had stomach trouble [?] for a week; three of his children had yellow fever, and little Dora had already been given up by the doctor; she was unconscious for three days; she started sweating by herself [without medicine], went to sleep, and when she awoke, she recognized her mother.

Otto Arzt [or Otto the doctor] has also been very sick, but not with yellow fever. Brener [?] and Kessler have been released; Kessler was in San Antonio and bought supplies with the money from three bales of cotton.

I got the black silk and was very happy about it.

Maebel [Mabel?] will probably bring Hermann along from the city.

I also got your letter from San Antonio, and I was very happy about the wonderful married couple, the Schulzes.

Carl Kellner, who has arrived here, brought a letter and a cotton statement from E. Schmidt along from Matamoros; should I send it to you or not?

Dear Heinrich, as soon as you can, send me coffee, tea, candles, and if you can get it, rubber caps [?], some fennel, and camomile tea. -- Malchen [a girl] is well again, and I am very glad [……?].

Well, my dear Heinrich, stay really healthy and happy, and be heartily greeted and kissed by your

Anna, who loves you so dearly

Also best greetings from Friedrich

and Malchen.

[page 3:] Did you sell the wagons and horses and get a good price?

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