St. Martin Catholic Church & Cemetery


Historic Texas Cemetery

From the files of the Fayette Heritage Archives and Museum:

The St. Martin Church and Cemetery were established in 1888 and 1889 as a mission of St. John the Baptist Church in Fayetteville. In 1886, a relatively large number of Catholic families were living in and near Warrenton, nine miles west of Fayetteville. The Fayetteville priest organized a congregation and visited on a regular basis saying Mass in private homes until 1888. On March 15, 1888 Frederick & Helen Spies sold one acre of land to the Catholic Bishop for the church and cemetery site. Within the year a large building was erected and the congregation named for Saint Martin.

It flourished for 27 years but by 1915 most of the Catholics had died or moved away. They needed a new school building in Fayetteville and the Catholic Bishop gave them permission to demolish St. Martin's Church and use the lumber to build the school at Fayetteville. There was enough lumber left over to build the small chapel at the original site of St. Martin's Church. The building is 14 foot 3 inches x 18 foot 1 inch and is known as the "Smallest Active Catholic Church in the World." It contains some of the original fixtures including the altar and tabernacle and statues from the original church. It has 12 benches that can hold about 20 people. Mass is held here once a year on All Souls Day. The church and cemetery are open to visitors who leave donations for its care and upkeep.

The church is located on Highway 237 at Warrenton. Kathy Carter, Helen Muras, and Annette Ruckert surveyed this site on May 14, 1990. In October 1997, Norman Krischke resurveyed the site and added names to the list that were taken from the Book of Burials provided by Rev. Ben Mazurkiewicz of the Fayetteville Church. See Krischke's booklet,"St. Martin Church," c10-15-1997 for additional information. [Joe Cole #057E]

For decades an original painting of St. Martin of Tours, the patron saint of soldiers, hung in the tiny chapel. In recent years it was discovered to be the work of Ignac Berger, a master of church art. The painting was restored and can be seen at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Fayetteville, along with other paintings by Berger. A digital reproduction of the painting now hangs in St. Martin Church.

The cemetery was inventoried July 29, 2001 by Charlie Ward and Hazel Graham. Inscriptions were copied as closely as possible to the lettering on the tombstones. Connie and Stacy Sneed contributed significant additional data to this inventory on October 29, 2007, after quite a few more markers had been placed in the cemetery. Photos by Stacy Sneed.

JTrahanUSA has posted photos of all the headstones at St. Martin's Cemetery at the Find A Grave website.






Blaha, Jan
Same headstone as Marie Blaha
Blaha, Marie
Cervenka, Anton

Crowley, Laura Holec

May 31, 1909

Jul 24, 2007

W/o Pete Crowley, married Oct 25, 1949. Same headstone

Crowley, Pete

Jun 25, 1910

July 11, 2002

H/o Laura Holec Crowley, married Oct 25, 1949. Same headstone

Ebner, Teres


Jan 24, 1900

Geb 1830, Ges 24 Jan 1900

Foyt, Frank "Loving Memory"

Fojt, Katrina

25 List 1866

10 List 1951

"Matko"; same headstone as Martin Fojt

Fojt, Martin

25 Dec 1860

1 Dec 1944

"Otec"; 25. Pros. 1860 1. Pros. 1944; same headstone as Katrina Fojt

Holec, Anna

Oct. 2, 1873

March 6, 1955

Same headstone as Frank Holec

Holec, Frances Amy Vaclavik

Jun 24, 1913

Aug 4, 1998

Holec, Frank

Feb 15, 1874

March 21, 1947

Same headstone as Anna Holec

Holec, Louis Edwin
Jan. 22, 1900
Nov. 4, 1966

Holec, Louise



Kocurek, Martin



Mar died 1838 - 27 Deubna Roku 1895

Kopecky, Julia Nar. 19 Brez. 1904, Zem. 12, Zari. 1909

Kovar, Frances



Kovar, Infant son
Infant son of Josef & Anna Kovar

Kovar, Martin

Srp 15, 1843

Cer 27, 1909

Nar 15 Srp 1843, Zem 27 Cervcci(?) 1909

Kubecka, Ludmilla

Michalik, Anna



"Matka"; "Zde ochpociuo Upanu zesmila."; "Rozena 1870, Zem Rela 1899"

Ryza, Jan 10 Cervence 1847 28 Medna 1899
Supak, Leona
Apr 30, 1919
May 5, 1919

Teichmann, Francis

Sep 25, 1878

Feb 18, 1936

Same stone as Julius Teichmann

Teichmann, Julius

Dec 20, 1875

Feb 13, 1961

Same stone as Francis Teichmann

Trlicek, Anna

Trlicek, Annie



Daughter. Same headstone as John Trlicek

Trlicek, Julia M.

Aug 2, 1888


Same headstone as Steve Trlicek

Trlicek, Steve A.

Dec. 26, 1854

Feb 2, 1938

Same headstone as Julia Trlicek

Trlick, John



Father. Same headstone as Annie Trlicek

Vaclavik, John J.

Aug. 7, 1877

Feb 1, 1951

Same headstone as Mary Vaclavik

Vaclavik, Mary

Mar 30, 1876

Jul 8, 1951

Same headstone as John Vaclavik

Wagner, Antonie

Aug 26, 1913

Sep 28, 1994

Wagner, Frank O.

Sep 16, 1882

Nov 4, 1954

Same stone as Hattie Wagner

Wagner, Franz


Apr 21, 1902

Hier ruht in Frieden. Geb im Jahre 1844, Gesst 21. Apr 1902. "Guter mann, hier meine thrdnen. Sind die blumen auf dein grab."

Wagner, Hattie

Oct 1, 1881

Mar 5, 1961

Same stone as Frank O. Wagner

Wagner, Joseph

Nov 30, 1834

Sep 1, 1904

Geb 30 Nov. 1834, Gest 1 Sept. 1904

Wagner, Leo

Jan 20, 1805

Aug 29, 1893

Geb 20 Jan 1805, Gest 29 Aug. 1893. Ruhe sanft

Wagner, Leo
Apr 21, 1920
Oct 31, 2006

Wagner, Rosalia Kruger

Sep 1837

Mar 31, 1914

"R.W." H(atitle) _ Kruger. Geb Sep 1837, Gest 31 Marz 1914

Zapalac, Mary

Apr 29, 1889

Jan 12, 1983

Same headstone as Raymond Zapalac

Zapalac, R. (infant)

Zapalac, Raymond

Aug 31, 1888

Sep 11, 1947

Same headstone as Mary Zapalac

Zetka, Anton

Dec 13, 1882

Apr 4, 1971


Zetka, Eva

Aug 6, 1839

Jan 27, 1892


Zetka, Jan

Oct 3, 1826

Nov 4, 1904


In addition to the names listed above, the marker at left bears the names Francis Holec, Frank Holec, Jr., John Holec, (Nephew) Jimmie Lawrence and (Niece) Albina Holec.